Контрольные работы 4 класс (Кузовлев В.П.)

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I четверть

Контрольная работа по теме «Летние каникулы»

1. Прочитай отрывок из книги «Путешествие Карен на самолёте» (Karen's Plane Trip by Ann M. Martin). Установи соответствие между именами героев рассказа и информацией о них (А—К). Ты можешь использовать буквы (А—К) несколько раз.

I was in my room when I heard a plane in the sky. My little brother, Andrew, was at a friend's house. Mummy wasn't in the room. Seth was at work. (Seth is my stepfather.)

Usually I don't look at planes. But soon I will fly to Nebraska to visit Granny and Grandad. (They are Seth's mother and father. They live on a farm.) "Hey, plane!" I called. "Soon I will ride on you!" I went to my bed. A suitcase1 was on the bed. "Goosie," I said to my toy cat, "I will bring you to Nebraska with me. But I will not pack2 you now."3

Goosie didn't answer. But I talked to him. I am Karen Brewer. I am seven years old. My brother is four. We both have blond hair and blue eyes. I like real animals and toy animals. You can talk to them. They cannot answer but you can think that they can talk.

"Goosie," I said, "I hope you are not afraid of flying to Nebraska ... I am not afraid. Once I went to the camp. Kristy and her friends were there." (Kristy is my big stepsister.) "But now I will stay with Granny and Grandad."

I looked at my suitcase.

"Oh, I forgot my roller skates!" I put my skates. Then I put five books and my doll. I wanted to close the suitcase. But I could not do it.

"Do you want my help, Karen?" asked Mummy. (after Ann M. Martin)

  • Karen ___
  • Andrew ___
  • Goosie ____
  • Karen’s grandparents ____
  • Karen’s mother ______

  • A. will visit Seth's mother and father.
  • B. is four.
  • C. is a toy cat.
  • D. isn't afraid of flying.
  • E. live on the farm.
  • F. has got blond hair and blue eyes.
  • G. will fly on the plane.
  • H. was in a camp once.
  • I. wanted to help to pack a suitcase.

Контрольная работа по теме «Животные, которых я люблю»

1. Прочитай про животных из семейства кошачьих и заполни пропуски (1—10) прилагательными в правильной форме. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.

Your cat is (О) smaller (small) than the lion, leopard, and tiger but they all are relatives. Tigers are the (1) ____(large) cats in the world. The Amur Tiger is (2) ____(big) than other tigers. It is the (3)____ (heavy) wild cat in the world. The cheetah is (4) ___ (small) than the tiger, but it is (5) ___ (fast) than the tiger. In fact the cheetah is the (6) ___ (fast) animal on land. The lion is the (7) ____ (dangerous) animal in Africa. Some cats are (8) ___ (furry) than others. The snow leopard has (9)____ (long) fur than the lion. The snow leopard is one of the (10)______ (beautiful) wild cats.

2. Прочитай про рептилий, выбери правильный ответ и заполни пропуски (1—10). Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.

Reptiles are crocodiles, snakes and turtles. __(1)__ is an animal with a long body and no legs. Snakes live in places: in forests, rivers, and lakes. (3)___ snakes live in trees and (4) _______ snakes spend their time in water. Snakes cannot (5)___ where it is cold. Some people are (6) ___ of snakes. But people are not afraid of turtles. A turtle is a (7) with a shell. Some turtles live (8)___ , but others live in water. Many land turtles are (9) . But sea turtles are very (10)

  1. reptiles/whales
  2. A snake/An alligator
  3. dangerous/different
  4. Tall/Some
  5. other/slow
  6. travel/live
  7. special/scared
  8. snake/reptile
  9. in the world/on land
  10. slow/fluffy
  11. fast/cheerful

II четверть

Контрольная работа по теме «Я люблю свою школу»

Задание 1. Напиши 7 правил поведения на уроках английского языка. Слова в рамке можно использовать несколько раз.

• always • speak in English • eat snacks

• during a lesson • use a dictionary • listen to • your English teacher

• help your classmates • do your homework

• do not • forget to bring • in class

• English textbooks


0. Always speak in English in class.







Задание 2. Заполни пропуски глаголами в правильной форме (Present Simple, Present Progressive or Imperative). Задание (0) выполнено в качестве примера.

  1. I (to learn) am learning to ride a bicycle but I can't do it well. (to help) Help me.
  2. Every day after school I (to learn) _____ to ride a bicycle.
  3. We (to do) _________our homework now but we don't know how to do it.
  4. We never (to do) _____our homework in class.
  5. Magi and Peter (to put) ___their toys away. Help them, please.
  6. Magi and Peter never (to put) ____ their toys away.
  7. I (to look for)____my notebook. Where is it? I can't find it.
  8. Every morning I (to look for) _________ my textbooks.

III четверть

Контроль навыков чтения

Прочитай отрывок из книги «Путешествие Карен на самолёте» (Karen's Plane Trip by Ann M. Martin). Выполни задание после текста.

Granny told Grandpa that I wanted to go to town. This is what Grandpa said: "I think that's a fine idea. I want to buy some things there."

"Let's go tomorrow, then," Granny said. "Great!" I said.

On Friday we got up early and fed the animals. Then we had breakfast and went to town in Grandpa's car. When we came to town, Granny said: "Here's the town, Karen." "Where?" I asked.

"Right here. There's the shop and there's the bank and there's the restaurant, and there's the bus station," said Grandpa.

"Is this a town?" I thought.

"Is your home town bigger?" asked Granny.

"Yes," I said.

"Where's the cafe? Where's the video shop? Where's the swimming pool? Where's the toy shop? Where's the pet shop?" I thought.

But I liked the shop. It looked small, but there were a lot of things in it! You could buy clothes, shoes, food, toys, school bags, books, and other things. 'Hi, Greta," said Granny to a woman in the shop. 'This is my granddaughter.1 This is Karen. She's seven."

"Karen! Nice to meet you," said Greta. Then she helped me to choose a T-shirt, trousers, and a hat. When we bought them, Grandpa said, "How about lunch, Karen?" "In the restaurant? That's great!" I said, and we walked to the small restaurant.

(after Ann M. Martin)

Выбери вариант, соответствующий содержанию текста, и обведи букву (a, b или с).

1. Granny, Grandpa, and Karen

  • A. went to town by car.
  • B. went to town by bus.
  • C. walked to town.

2. The town was

  • A. bigger than Karen's home town.
  • B. smaller than Karen's home town.
  • C. very big.

3. There was

  • A. a cafe, a swimming pool, and a video shop in the town.
  • B. a toy shop and a pet shop in the town.
  • C. a shop, a bank, a restaurant, and a bus station in the town.

4. Karen liked

  • A. the restaurant.
  • B. the swimming pool.
  • C. the shop.

5. Granny, Grandpa, and Karen bought

  • A. trousers and a hat for Grandpa.
  • B. clothes and a hat for Karen.
  • C. a T-shirt for Granny.

6. Karen and her grandparents had lunch

  • A. in the small restaurant.
  • B. in the shop.
  • C. in the cafe.

Контрольная работа по теме «Работа моей мечты»

Задание 1. Выбери подходящие слова из рамки и закончи предложения так, чтобы подписи соответствовали картинкам. Три слова лишние. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.

Задание 2. На витрине магазина 12 кукол. Прочитай стихотворение об этих куклах и подпиши соответствующий порядковый номер к каждой картинке. Задание (а) уже сделано в качестве примера.

  • The first doll is very small.
  • The second doll is nice and tall.
  • The third doll is merry and funny.
  • The fourth doll likes eating honey.
  • The fifth doll is reading a book.
  • The sixth doll is a very good cook.
  • The seventh doll is flying a plane.
  • The eighth doll's name is Jane.
  • The ninth doll has got a cat.
  • The tenth doll can say: "Dad."
  • The eleventh doll is a princess.
  • The twelfth doll wears a white dress.

Задание 3. Напиши Энди Милзу, какие профессии наиболее популярны у твоих сверстников в России. Ответь на его вопросы.

What  jobs do you like most of all?

What  are you going to be? Do you want to be famous?

What  are you going to do in this job?

What  are your friends going to be in the future?

IV четверть

Контрольная работа по теме «Лучшие моменты этого года»

Задание 1. Какое слово лишнее? Подчеркни его. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.

  1. pen, pencil, pencil case, paint, prize
  2. hobby, angry, hungry, lazy, busy
  3. to drive, to phone, to raise, tomorrow, to advise
  4. calendar, date, competition, month, day
  5. writer, doctor, reporter, alligator, actor
  6. pet shop, toy shop, break time, bus stop, bus station
  7. smartest, biggest, smallest, fastest, forest

Задание 2. Джейн была на каникулах в Лондоне и написала об этом в своём дневнике. Прочитай её рассказ с пропусками. Выбери правильный вариант ответа (а, Ь) и впиши в пропуски соответствующую букву. Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.

"Friday, 3rd August I'm in London! It's my (0)  ___b___ visit to London. London is great! It is the (1)  city in the world. And it is the (2)  city. Today we (3)  to visit the (4)  museum in Great Britain, the British Museum. In the (5)  we want to go boating in Hyde Park.

Saturday, 4th August Today we have (6)  to Kensington Palace. (7)  princess in the world Diana, Princess of Wales lived there. There is a wonderful children's (8)  near the palace. My friends (9)  fun there now. And I (10)  some words in my diary. Tomorrow we (11)  to visit London Zoo. I can’t (12) ___ to go there.

0. a) one b) first
1. a) best b) better
2. a) more beautiful b) most beautiful
3. a) are going b) is going
3. a) bigger b) biggest
4. a) afternoon b) weekend
5. a) were b) been
6. a) more famous b) the most famous
7. a) classroom b) playground
8. a) are having b) have had
9. a) is writing b) am writing
10. a) go b) are going
11. a) wait b) hope

Задание 3. Лиза решила записать в свой календарь дни рождения своих любимых писателей.
Помоги ей коротко написать эти даты.
Задание (0) уже сделано в качестве примера.

  • A. A. Milne's birthday: It is on the eighteenth of January. (0) January. 18th
  • H. K. Andersen's birthday: It's on the second of April. (1)
  • L. F. Baum's birthday: It is on the fifteenth of May. (2)
  • Conan Doyle's birthday: It is on the twenty-second of May. (3)
  • Potter's birthday: It is on the twenty-eighth of July.(4)
  • J. K. Rowling's birthday: It is on the thirty-first of July. (5)
  • P. Travers' birthday: It is on the ninth of August. (6)
  • R. Dahl's birthday: It is on the thirteenth of September. (7)
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